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Julia Rubanova
Medical Assistant
Julia is a passionate medical assistant who loves caring for her patients and families. Moving from Ukraine where she completed medical school and training, Julia moved to the Santa Barbara area in 2015 for the opportunity to work with Dr. Presser Belkin. Working with the team gives Julia happiness, life balance, and a sense of a strong work-family bond. In her free time she enjoys embroidery, bead paintings, and being outdoors. Julia speaks English, Russian and Ukrainian.
Jessica Pearson
Medical Assistant
Jessica spent three years studying medical science at the University of Oregon and now as a returning student finishing up her AS in Biomedical Science at SBCC. She wants become an RN and continue education while working. She's always been interested in health, medical sciences and helping people along their health journey. Working with Dr. Presser Belkin has helped her pursue a career in nursing aligning with her core values and passion. During her free time Jessica enjoys spending it with her husband who makes her laugh and reminds her to stay in the present and enjoy every moment.  She also loves being with her two dogs who remind Jessica what unconditional love and pure joy is. 
America Reyes
Medical Assistant
America was born in Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico and moved to the Santa Barbara area at the age of eight. She subsequently met her husband and started a family of her own. America has always been interested in the medical field where she can grow and continue to learn new things. She completed the Santa Barbara City College medical assistant program and is happy to be working with with Dr. Presser Belkin in her practice. America loves spending time with her husband and two beautiful kids, Anthony and Kamila. She enjoys going to the beach, walking, hiking and riding her bike.
Karina Schweitzer
Registered Nurse, Allergy Nurse
Karina is a registered nurse with a BSN from Mount Saint Mary's University. She been an RN for the past twenty-two years, working at various clinics and hospitals: Cottage Hospital in the medical/surgical department for one year; Sansum Clinic as an oncology nurse for seven years; Swedish Medical Center; and Cedars Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Institute. Outside of work, Karina enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids hiking, biking, and going to the beach.