Patient Rights

My patients can expect the highest standards of care and consideration. I am committed to provide the best possible care.
Respect and Confidentiality

All patients have the right to:

      -  considerate, respectful care at all times.
      -  ask their doctor or staff questions regarding their illness, condition or treatment.
      -  ask their doctor or staff why a procedure is being recommended and what are the probable results and risks.

      -  ask their doctor or staff about medical alternatives.
      -  be examined in private surroundings.
      -  request that a member of the same sex be present during an examination.
      -  express religious or cultural concerns related to treatment.
      -  refuse treatment.
      -  examine and receive an explanation of their medical bill, regardless of how payment is made.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All patients have the right to:

      -  expect that their medical records will remain confidential.

      -  authorize a release of information (e.g., to a family physician).

      - have their medical record read only by individuals directly involved in their treatment or monitoring for the quality of their care; by the billing department and by other individuals only with the patient's written authorization or that of a legally authorized representative.

      -  expect all communications and other records pertaining to their care, including the source of payment for treatment, to be treated as confidential.

"My goal is to provide high quality and compassionate medical care to patients in a comfortable setting.  I want my patients to feel that we are spending ample time to discuss important medical issues, communication is effective, I am their advocate, and that they are overall receiving outstanding medical care."

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